Active Alpine Experience - Walking in Austria


3 Included Excursions
  • Experience Austria with a selection of excellent easy to moderate walking tours
  • Join us as we take in Austria’s beautiful scenery on an active holiday
  • Admire stunning flora and fauna
  • Take an evening torch-lit walk
  • Enjoy walks on the Hartkaiser Mountain, through the Kundl Gorge, and the Kaiserbach Valley, accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide

Join us as we walk through magnificent Austrian scenery, admiring the stunning views and majestic landscapes Austria is so well-known for. We’ll take three fantastic walks during this nine-day holiday, exploring some of the Tyrol’s finest countryside locations.
From our base in the Tyrol region, we’ll begin our holiday with a scenic gondola lift ride up to the Hartkaiser Mountain. From here, we will enjoy a 3km walk along the unique Rubezahl hiking path to reach the Rubezahl-Alm, a popular Alpine inn. This walking route is known for being Austria’s longest walking route of carved figures, which make for some excellent photo opportunities. It will then be time to make our way back down the mountain by gondola lift, as we return to Ellmau.

Our next walking excursion will take us through the exquisite Kundl Gorge, thought of as one of Austria’s loveliest gorges for its spectacular scenery. We’ll follow this winding route past gigantic rock faces and alongside the Wildschonau River. This valley is famous for its legend, where a dragon lived in a lake in the valley, but a brave villager slayed it. As it died, the dragon bit through the cliffs to Kundl and the water from the lake drained away, creating the Wildschonau River. After our 3km walk, we’ll return to our hotel by local road train.

Finally, our last walk will be along a shady path to the Griesener Alm, the gateway to the Kaiserbach Valley. Take in views of the Wilder Kaiser massif as we walk, and discover the Kaiserbach nature conservation area. Filled with spectacular vistas and brilliant flora and fauna, this 5km round walk will give us insight into Austria’s awe-inspiring setting. This walk will take us to a Tyrolean Dairy, where we will be able to stop and sample some of the local cheese produced here. We will then continue our walk to re-join our coach and return to our hotel.

During this fantastic holiday, we will also enjoy a local evening torch-lit walk to explore the town, as well as a four-course farewell dinner on our last evening in Austria.

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Day One - UK to Germany
We’ll make our way from the UK to Germany, via Calais, and will spend the night at a comfortable hotel.

Day Two - Germany to Tyrol Region
In the morning, we’ll continue our journey into the Tyrol region, where we’ll stay at a comfortable hotel for the next six nights. (B,D)

Days Three to Seven - Tyrol Region
Enjoy three included walking excursions, as we walk along the Rubezahl hiking path, through the through to the Kundl Gorge, and to the Griesener Alm, gateway to the Kaiserbach Valley, accompanied with an expert local guide. During our holiday, we will also enjoy a local evening torch-lit walk, and a four-course farewell dinner on our final evening in the Tyrol region. (B,D)

Day Eight - Tyrol Region to Germany
Time to make our way to our overnight hotel in Germany today, where we will enjoy an evening meal. (B,D)

Day Nine - Germany to UK
We’ll return to the UK today, travelling from Germany via Calais and then continuing home. (B)

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The Local Area

Included Excursions

Full Day: Griesener Alm

The Griesener Alm, a local inn found in Kirchdorf in Tirol, is known as the ‘gateway to the Kaiserbach Valley’, and our walk will take us to this excellent inn. Situated 1,024 meters above sea level in the Wilder Kaiser, the Griesener Alm serves as the ideal destination for our 5km walk, which will take approximately two to two-and-a-half hours.

Our easy to moderate walk will follow a shady path through beautiful Tyrolean scenery, complete with Alpine views and rolling meadows. We will make our way to a Tyrolean Dairy, where we will sample locally-produced cheeses, before making our way back to the coach.   


Full Day: Kundl Gorge

The Kundl Gorge is a popular walking spot for both the young and old, and this easy to moderate 3km walk will take us past huge rock faces and along the Wildschonau River. The Wildschonau Valley is known for its incredible scenery, and for the local legend behind the creation of this impressive gorge. 

Legend has it that the gorge was created when a local villager slayed a dragon living in a lake. When the dragon fell, it bit through the cliffs all the way to the town of Kundl, opening up a gorge through which the water from the lake drained. It’s very easy to see how this legend came about when admiring the mythical scenery of the Wildschonau Valley!

After our walk, which will take approximately one to one-and-a-half hours, we will continue to our hotel by local road train.


Full Day: Rubezahl Hiking Path

Explore the amazing Rubezahl Hiking Path, Austria’s longest hiking path of carved figures. We’ll take a gondola lift ride up to Hartkaiser Mountain, where we will join this fantastic 3km walking route, admiring 22 unique woodcarvings, which were created by the landlord of the Rubezahl-Alm, a popular Alpine inn.

Take in mesmerising views during our journey along this walking route, and be sure to remember your camera - there will be plenty of photo opportunities!

This easy to moderate lift will take us approximately one hour to complete, and will lead us to the Rubezahl-Alm, where we will travel back to Ellmau by gondola lift. 


Optional Excursions

Guided walking tour of Innsbruck

To learn more about Innsbruck, and to take in even more of the splendid sights, we’ll also be able to join an optional guided walking tour of the city. This will give us greater insight into Innsbruck’s history, and will allow us to tour more of the city.



Innsbruck is a wonderful city and is, in fact, the capital city of Tyrol. Its placement in a valley means it features excellent scenery, with high mountains on all sides. This Alpine scenery makes the city even more mesmerising, but there’s a lot more to see in the city besides its views. 

For instance, while at leisure in Innsbruck, you may choose to visit some of the many attractions the city has to offer, such as Ambras Castle, the Rococo-style Helblinghaus and, opposite it, the iconic Goldenes Dachl, which many see as Innsbruck’s symbol. This building features thousands of fire-gilded copper tiles that account for its name, which can be translated as ‘Golden Roof’. It was built for Emperor Maximilian I when he married Bianca Maria Sforza in 1500.


Kneipp Adventure And Tyrolean Traditions

Travelling by coach, we make our way to Aschau, where we enjoy a relaxing optional excursion. Soak up the impressive surrounding mountain scenery and experience the invigorating effects of the Kneipp water. 

Join us as we learn more about local Kneipp techniques, which will revive and recharge your batteries. We’ll then continue our excursion to a traditional farmhouse, dating from 1706, where we will enjoy a short tour and a chance to sample some local produce.