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The magnificent country of Poland is renowned for its incredible cities – most notably, Kraków –which is filled to the brim with the most amazing museums, galleries, shops, and stunning architecture. Ideal for exploring on a fully escorted coach holiday, soak up the history and culture of this iconic capital. For a breath of fresh air, the southern town of Zakopane – perfectly nestled in the foothills of the majestic Tatras – is a true wonderland, starring charming, traditional wooden architecture and gorgeous scenic views of the highest mountains in the country. Why not join an emotional trip to Auschwitz and learn the tragic history of the largest Nazi concentration camp, preserved as a memorial to those who lost their lives and to ensure mankind never forgets, or take the chance to explore the incredible mining history of Poland on a visit to the masterpiece that is the Wieliczka Salt Mines – the oldest salt mine in Europe? This spectacular country has so much to offer, so start planning today and let us inspire your Polish exploration…

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Poland Highlights

Don’t underestimate the natural beauty found all around in Poland – the giant, scenic mountains, glittering waterfalls, and many breathtaking forests will transport you to another world. Visitors can take the opportunity to see the High Tatras from the stunning Palenica Białczańska before venturing via horse and carriage to another clearing, Polana Włosienica, with an incredible mountainous valley view. The largest lake in the Tatras – Morskie Oko – is located nearby, and is a true marvel, drenched in sunshine and colour. From lakeside to city life, journey to the incredible capital of Kraków and discover the amazing UNESCO registered World Heritage Site of the Old Town. With its medieval market square and Renaissance Sukiennice, known as the Kraków Cloth Hall, this famous district was once the centre of international trade and perfectly encapsulates the country, with deep beauty and even deeper cultural heritage and history. After exploring, sit down and relax at one of the many lovely restaurants and bars, and enjoy stunningly simple recipes packed with flavour. Try sweet kompot, a homemade Polish juice, or take on an alcoholic beverage like Wódka made from the finest Polish rye – the choice is yours! 

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Local Information

  • Capital Warsaw
  • Language Polish
  • Currency Zloty
  • Tip 10-15%
  • Time Zone GMT+1
  • Electricity Two pin plugs. 230V.
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Must See

See the traditional, wooden architecture of Zakopane, surrounded by the Tatra Mountains, which is unique to this region


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Things to Do & Local attractions?

  • Discover an underground world of grandeur and splendour at the Wieliczka Salt MinesView Tour
  • Stroll through Krakow’s Old Town with its quaint shops and underground cellar bars View Tour
  • See the Wawel Royal Castle – the symbol of the Polish State and once the home of the Polish rulers View Tour
  • Embark on an informative yet emotional visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau – a monumentally important placeView Tour

Food and Drink


Various chopped meats are stewed with both sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage to make authentic Polish hunter’s stew, Bigos. With vegetables and spices added, this traditional meal has a very strong and tasty flavour. 


Made either savoury or sweet, pierogi is one of the better-known Polish foods. The recipe takes dumplings and fills them with a fruit or meat and cheese filling, cooks them in boiling water, before serving.  


Pączki are traditional and homemade Polish doughnuts, filled with jam, fruits or creams, before they’re deep-fried. Popular jam fillings include wild rose petal or plum jam. The doughnut is then topped with powdered sugar, icing, or covered with a delicious glaze. 


Made exclusively by experts in the Tatra Mountains, Oscypek is a smoked cheese made from salted sheep milk. Now protected by the EU, the cheesemaking process and recipe has been preserved since the 18th century. 

Popular Excursions

Wieliczka Salt Mines

Explore the town of Wieliczka and the oldest salt mine in Europe. The mines are an impressive underground world of salt lakes and galleries. View the Polish Discovery by Express Coach to find out more.

Planning your Trip

With so much on offer, you might need some inspiration! We’ve hand-picked a selection of favourite destinations and provided an overview of the very best highlights...


Kraków Highlights

Old Town

From must-see landmarks to quaint, cobblestone streets, Kraków’s Old Town is one of the best places to immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere, history, and heritage. The Rynek Glowny – the largest medieval market square in Central Europe – is at the centre of the Old Town, and is home to iconic sights including the Cloth Hall, Rynek Underground, and the statue of Adam Mickiewicz.

Wawel Royal Castle

An iconic symbol of Poland, Wawel Royal Castle is the country’s most important historical and cultural site. Made up of a complex of several buildings, including Wawel Cathedral, Dragon’s Den and the Royal Palace, this is a must-see attraction when in Kraków.

St. Mary’s Basilica

Standing proudly on the corner of Rynek Glowny, St. Mary's Basilica is a Gothic-style brick church with two bell towers. The interior of the church features intricate stained-glass windows and a remarkable altarpiece, and this is also where the hejnał mariacki is played – the city’s famous bugle call.


Zakopane Highlights

Krupówki Street 

The bustling heart of Zakopane, Krupówki Street one of the most famous streets in Poland. A wide range of bars, pubs, restaurants and shops can be found here, and during summer there is a regular craft market with stalls selling everything from delicious cheeses to unique souvenirs.  


Many museums can be found throughout Zakopane, with the Tatra Museum being a particular highlight. The building itself is a fantastic example of Zakopane-style architecture, and inside visitors can view exhibitions showcasing the history, culture, nature and ethnography of the Polish Tatras. The Muzeum Oscypka Zakopane, which provides information on oscypek and the highlander lifestyle, is also worth visiting.  

Gubałówka Mountain 

The most famous peak of the Polish Tatra Mountains, Gubałówka is a popular attraction in the town. A short, scenic funicular journey takes you up the mountain, and at the top you can expect street food stalls, souvenir shops, and a decked terrace which offers breathtaking panoramic views. 

Morskie Oko Lake 

Renowned for its crystal-clear water and surrounding mountain scenery, Morskie Oko is the largest lake in the Tatras. The name means ‘Eye of the Sea’, which is derived from an old legend that states the lake was connected to the sea via an underground passage.  

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