Our Pricing Policy

We may have special offers and limited promotions where you might see a small reduction in the overall price. These offers will be advertised across our different channels and are available for a limited time. Please call or check our website if you’d like to know of any offers on a particular holiday.

How we price our holidays – one price policy

The prices you see on our website, social media and in our brochures are the prices every customer will pay, excluding any discounts which may be on offer. We have a one price policy, which means you won’t get to your destination to find out that others have paid significantly more or less than you. This gives all customers the opportunity to pay a fair price for their holiday, which accounts for the hotel, travel, meals and excursion costs for that particular package. However, we do always recommend you book early to secure your place to make sure you don’t miss out on your dream holiday, you can take advantage of any discounts available, and, with low deposits from just £25pp, what’s stopping you?

Seasonal differences

The time of year you would like to travel in will affect the price. For example, holidays in the summer or in busy periods of the year may be more expensive than holidays in quieter months. Individual holiday prices can be viewed on the departure date and prices tab of your chosen holiday on our website, or you can always call us to check this.


Our tours include a range of optional and included excursions. Optional excursions are not built into the price of your holiday, and if you choose to join our optional excursions, this will be at an extra cost. You will pay for these whilst on your holiday and this should be factored into the amount of spending money you take. The price of any included excursions is built into the original price that you pay. All excursions are subject to availability.

One price policy

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