100% Financial Protection

When you book a Shearings holiday, your money is stored in a 100% secure Trust Account, which means your money is fully protected. This account keeps your money safe until your holiday returns – we don't receive any money until after you return from your holiday – so if your holiday doesn't go ahead for any reason, your money can be returned to you a lot quicker. This means that you can book your holiday in complete confidence, with the peace of mind that your money is always safe and secure.

Here's a little more information…

What is a Trust Account?

A Trust Account enables Shearings to split customers’ money into a separate account.

How does it work?

Your money is paid into the Trust Account. It stays there until your holiday has returned. Only at that point can Shearings gain access to the funds.

How does it affect me?

Because your money remains in the Trust Account until your holiday has returned, if, for any reason, your tour is cancelled and you do not wish to choose an alternative tour, you will receive your money back straight away. This provides you with full financial protection and security.