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Air Holidays

Italy is one of the most popular places for Brits to go on holiday - and it's easy to see why. This romantic country has a wonderfully laid back attitude to life, with friendly locals, delicious food and fine wines to enjoy.

It's a very diverse country, which means that whatever kind of holiday you're looking for, you're likely to find something to suit your desires in Italy. The Italian Lake District, home to the popular resorts of Lake Como and Lake Garda, is the perfect location to fly to if you want to relax amongst stunning scenery. Or if you prefer a more action-packed holiday, the vibrant cities of Venice and Rome should be on your 'book it list'.

Air holidays to Italy include flights from a local airport near you and carefully chosen accommodation. For extra value for money, choose an all inclusive holiday that includes all meals, drinks and guided day trips.

See the range of holidays to Italy with flights below, or see where else you can go by air in Europe.

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