Valkenburg, Aachen and Monschau

Valkenburg is beautifully located in the rolling hills of South Limburg in Holland. Relax in the lovely town and enjoy exciting excursions as we visit the wonderful towns of Aachen, Monschau and Maastricht on this exciting tour.

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  • 4 nights hotel with continental breakfast
  • 3 evening meals
  • Local joining points
  • Porterage at the hotel


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*Please note for the 17th March 2025 departure, the hotel package includes 1 hour free bar each evening from the 2nd night and 1 nights entertainment

Local departure by coach or Home Connect service, then continue to Valkenburg for a four-night stay.

Valkenburg, sometimes called ‘Marlstone Town’ because of the lime found in the soil and the soft yellow marlstone which has, since Roman times, been quarried as a building material. As a result, there is now a network of over 150 miles of underground corridors beneath the town. A visit to these caves is highly recommended.

There is plenty here to keep you occupied above ground as well, such as the castle ruins and shops, bars, cafés and restaurants.

Included Meals

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Included Highlights

  • Valkenburg

Today, we enjoy an included excursion to the historic city of Aachen, where you have time to explore the stunning old town. Aachen is famous for its magnificent cathedral and the Elisenbrunnen fountain, which is also the symbol of the town.

 We continue through the fantastic countryside of the Eifel Mountains to the small town of Monschau, famous for its half-timbered buildings. The ‘Gem of the Eifel Region’, Monschau is situated on the banks of a small river and overlooked from opposite hillsides by the ruins of a stone watchtower and an old palace.

Linked by a series of bridges, the town’s restaurants and shops lead up to the town centre where a charming church proudly stands.

Included Meals

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Included Highlights

  • Aachen
  • Monschau

Included excursion to Maastricht. Visit the charming old city centre or maybe take some time out to explore the network of underground passageways and vaults beneath the city, where a large part of the Netherlands’ art treasures were safeguarded during World War II.

Visit the Stokstraat Quarter, the Basilica of Our Lady and the Ramparts.

Included Meals

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Included Highlights

  • Maastricht

Return home.

Included Meals

  • Breakfast


You will stay for four nights at the 3-star Hotel Walram in the centre of Valkenburg.



The Hotel Walram is a comfortable, family-run hotel with splendid views over the famous castle ruins of Valkenburg. It is situated on a quiet square, close to the picturesque little waterfall of the River Geul. The town centre boats a host of shops, cafés, and restaurants, and is just a short 2-minute walk away.

Location: Walramplein 37, 6301 Valkenburg, 6301

Hotel Facilities

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  • 3 Star
  • English Speaking Staff
  • Guest Lounge
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Lift
  • Central Location
  • TV
  • Tea and Coffee Making Facilities
  • Hairdryer
  • Non-Smoking Rooms Available
  • Shower or Bath
  • Telephone
  • Safe Box in Reception
  • 24 Hour Front Desk
  • Free WiFi (Public Areas)
  • Iron at Reception
  • Fridge Available for Medical Requirements
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Bus Stop Nearby
  • Train / Tram Nearby
Food & Drink
  • Vegetarian Meals On Request
  • Gluten Free Menu
  • Lactose or Dairy Free Menu
  • Vegan Menu
  • Swimming Pool
  • English Speaking Staff
  • Guest Lounge
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Lift

Single Room Supplements

Single Room Supplement from £89.00


4.4 Out of 5 ( 21 Reviews )




4 / 5

Value for Money

4.2 / 5

Marie Forgie, 1 year ago

Overall the holiday was enjoyable, the drivers could have been a bit more knowledgeable about the places we visited, especially Maastricht. Had to pay extra to change my hotel room as the one I was allocated was unsuitable due to a faulty door lock and the awful smell in the room. Staff were lovely and the food was really nice, good selection at breakfast..

Verified, collected via Trustpilot

Mark, 1 year ago

Brilliant holiday, drivers were excellent and the hotel was brilliant

Verified, collected via Trustpilot

Mr L Hardwick, 1 year ago

There were plenty of reasons for complaint on this tour which I will detail later but the main ones are: Driver and his mate – Nick and George MBE Flooded rooms at the Walram Hotel Broken down coach for the return feeder We were a party of 8 people, two in their 80s, 3 in their 70s and 3 “youngsters” in their 50s and 60s Prior to departure all was well, the info by email was OK and we all knew the details of getting to Stop 24 for the main coach. However the return labels for the suitcases were wrongly printed and the wrong way round for Mr and Mrs Hardwick and Mr and Mrs Hawksworth – but we sorted this out between us The feeder coaches, taxis etc for the outbound journey were all OK and the 8 of us met up at Stop 24 looking forward to the holiday. Our luggage was moved onto Coach 194 – crewed by Nick and George and this is where it went rapidly downhill. As we entered the coach Nick gave us our seat numbers which did not tie in with those on the info previously supplied. When we got to the seats they were taken, so we sat apart even though we had asked for seats together. Nick’s attitude was that he could not be bothered and in his words “sort it out yourselves” This attitude was to continue for the whole trip. My party had not even got in their seats before the coach started reversing and turning despite us calling to the driver George MBE. He did not care and said he had a deadline to meet at Dover – a few minutes would have made no difference. On the way to Dover Nick handed out drinks cards which you could add money too and pay for hot or cold drinks. Now on the feeder coach in the pocket we had seen a drinks menu – a photo of which I have attached - and we thought these were the prices but OH NO. Not £3 for a large can of beer but £4 and not £3 for a Prosecco but £4. Nice little earner for Nick as it seemed this was his main job the whole trip – counting people on and off the coach and supplying drinks at raised prices – he certainly didn’t seem to worry about anything else There was a 2 hour delay at Dover – nothing that Shearings could do about that and we were pleased to get a ticket for a free main meal on the ferry. So now we were 2 hours late and went non stop to Valkenburg. On arrival at 10.50 pm we were informed there was no porterage so please take your own cases. There was no possibility for a drink and the bar was shut. There was only 1 lift so we waited maybe 30 minutes for the queue to end before we got up to our room Let me begin by saying that the hotel staff were lovely, very friendly and that the food was good However – I had specifically requested 2 twin rooms and 2 doubles. On inspection the 4 rooms were identical – 2 single beds pushed together with single duvets. No way an 80 year old could push beds apart. If you’re going to the trouble of specifying different rooms at least ask the hotel to comply. I also had to ask reception for a hair dryer as there wasn’t one in the room despite it claiming there was on your website. Your website also states “Air conditioning” but I don’t think a small electric fan in the room covers this The main problem was Thursday afternoon/evening when we had thunderstorms and heavy rain. This resulted in water coming through the ceiling of Mr and Mrs Lee’s room. This was reported to the hotel manager who sent assistance. Nick and George MBE did nothing to help and it was left to the staff and us to get the Lee’s belongings to the new room. George MBE told us the new room was an “upgrade” whereas it was no such thing During the week even though they were in the same hotel the crew were totally aloof, didn’t say good morning and didn’t acknowledge you We enjoyed our excursions. Monschau was a delight and Aaachen and Maastricht were OK. What was NOT OK was the lack of information from the crew. No info on where we were going, what to see or anything. For example – Monschau – George MBE said “ we’re in the coach park, the town is down that road over the bridge, be back for 2pm” Aachen – “we’re parked here, thats the main street in front ,the cathedral is down on the right somewhere” Maastricht – nothing from the crew at all - fortunately I took a map from our hotel – they gave out nothing other than a return time But their complete indifference even extended to getting on and off the coach where they offered no assistance even though there were several older guests with mobility problems – we had to help them I guess your wondering why I call him George MBE. He took great delight in showing off his medal and why he got it and the day he received it. And also that he’d been on the TV and met Judith Chalmers etc etc. He could really talk about himself If only he had put some effort into us guests and supplied trip info instead of “me me me” So coming home. We were told specifically by the crew “you must put your cases outside your door before midnight” so they could load the coach ready for a 6am start When I opened my door at 5.45 next day the case was still there and most people had the same issue so were bringing them down themselves. The explanation of “lack of staff” just doesn’t wash – it’s not OUR problem it’s theirs. If you use a hotel you should ensure it can cope The journey back to Dunkirk and the ferry was uneventful – thanks again for the free meal but the final nail in the coffin for the crew as we journeyed up the M20 was when Nick said he hoped we had a good holiday and shame about the deluge which was “unlucky for some”. Joking about the fact that at least 4 rooms had been flooded and the poor people had to move rooms – how very funny I know it’s normal to tip the crew at the end of a trip but I did not see anyone giving them cash Back to Stop 24 for the feeder home and it started well. Called to our coaches- 4 of my party got home with no issues, another 2 were told the coach number had changed - and the driver did not know to drop them at Lymm Services and had to make a detour back from going to Chester The biggest issue was Coach 193 reg number K321 JCT. It started badly at Stop 24 when on reversing out it had trouble engaging forward gear but eventually it left onto the M20. About a mile further it ground to a halt – gearbox trouble again and it limped off the motorway. It seemed like it could not be fixed. Now I know coaches break down but talking to fellow passengers I could not believe what I was hearing – the coach had problems when it was a feeder coach into Stop 24 the week before, it had the very same problem multiple times when it was on a tour in Belgium and yet it was still be used to take people home. Fortunately for us there was one of your Battlefield tour guides on the bus going home. His name is Ben and he was a real hero of the day and you should reward him. He took control right away, kept us all informed and eventually got us to a truck stop where there were toilets and drinks. He organised return taxis for some and a coach for the rest of us. We eventually got to our drop off point 3.5 hours late but it would have been much worse if it had not of been for Ben and the new coach driver

Verified, collected via Trustpilot

Sandra, 1 year ago

Was spoilt by the drivers.George hardly spoke and when he did it was to Bragg about his MBE.Nick did all the work of providing tea and coffee.Neither of them gave any info on places.Just dropped us off and said everything sign posted(in other words get on with it).So very poor would not travel with them again if they were our so called guides.

Verified, collected via Trustpilot

Malvine, 1 year ago

The transfer Taxis never arrived on the outward and inward journeys. Left waiting at 4.15 am on the outward journey. We had to ring Shearings to get them to arrange a pick up for us and when it arrived, because we then 40 minutes late, the taxi driver drove up through narrow lanes at 80-85 miles an hour, very scary. On our return no taxi again even though I reminded Shearings by phone about 30 minutes before being dropped off by Mini bus that we required our taxi, this was about 9pm. NOT HAPPY with their transfer service!!!

Verified, collected via Trustpilot

Irene Newton, 1 year ago

The big spoiler is the length of travel to and from the resort. The hotel was town centre but came across as a buisiness hotel ratherr than a holiday hotel rooms comfortable and clean. food was really nice. The weather, locals and staff were all very accomodating

Verified, collected via Trustpilot

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