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Shearings Holidays


Shearings Holidays Assist - Giving you total peace of mind

Shearings Holidays



Luggage tracking & recovery service

  • We track your luggage using a unique tracking number
  • We will take over finding your lost items and arrange the return of your luggage on your behalf where and when you want it.
  • Includes 3 durable plastic luggage tags, ties, wallet id card. Valid for 12 months tracking
  • Valid in the UK and Abroad


When you need help or information

When you need information abroad you can text your request and we’ll reply with the details . From dealing with lost/stolen passports and credit cards to changing a ?ight. Or if it’s general information you need such as rates of exchange, a taxi number or your nearest  24 hour pharmacy we can help. In any emergency abroad where you cannot understand the language, e.g. if you need to communicate with the emergency services or need assistance if you’re a victim of crime, simply text the words ‘HELP’ and the country you are in e.g. ‘HELP France’ and a multilingual assistant will call you back immediately and speak the language for you. Alternatively you can phone our helpful team.

How much does it cost?

SHEARINGS HOLIDAYS ASSIST provides worry free holidays. BUY NOW for just £8.95. Call 0844 824 6351 to book.

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