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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had lots of great feedback about our Shearings Rewards Programme, and also some questions about the finer details of our member benefits. We’ve collated these frequently asked questions to help you find out more about the fantastic benefits included and how the programme works. If you have any further queries or questions you would like answering please email

I’ve received a membership card in my partner’s name. Can I still be a member of Shearings Rewards?

Yes you can. Please either call 01942 418933 or send an email to: with the membership number on the card you have received and your name and we will arrange for a new card to be sent to you.

Will my partner and I both receive complimentary tea and coffee whilst staying at Bay and Coast & Country hotels?

Yes you can both receive complimentary tea and coffee when the member wears their pin badge.

When does the complimentary tea and coffee apply and what is included?

This offer is applicable throughout your stay at Bay and Coast & Country hotels and includes speciality teas and coffees such as fruit teas, cappuccinos and lattes, in additional to traditional tea and coffee.

When will my pin badge arrive?

You should receive your pin badge by Monday 18th December. If you are staying at Bay and Coast & Country hotels before this date you can use your membership card to claim your complimentary tea and coffee.

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