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Guadiana & Guadalquivir

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Guadiana & Guadalquivir

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The Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers are a not well known as a cruising destination - but they are somewhat of an undiscovered paradise!

The Guadiana River runs between Spain and Portugal while the Guadalquivir flows across southern Spain. It's the scenery and the wildlife that really makes these rivers special. The areas around the rivers are not very developed, although you will see a few interesting old ruins, and there are lots of large herons and stalks to be observed in their natural habitat. Cruises on the Guadiana and the Guadalquivir rivers are great for relaxation.

When you're not enjoying the view from aboard your ship, the MS Belle de Cadix, there are a variety of cultural cities, towns and villages to visit, including Seville, Cadiz, Grenada and Cordoba. You'll never be bored, with a range of excursions including a Flamenco evening and lots of guided walking tours. Your Guadiana and Guadalquivir cruise includes return flights, transfers and all-inclusive accommodation on board your ship.

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