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Our Ships

It's so easy to relax onboard

Our Ships

Our team of experts have selected some of the finest river cruise ships just for you. Whether you choose to sail on one of our exclusively chartered ships, or on a hand-picked partner vessel, you’ll find comfortable accommodation, great facilities and a very warm welcome.

A-ROSA River Cruises

Do you want to discover popular European waterways and sail along scenic destinations in true contemporary style? Our brand new A-ROSA lifestyle cruises offer you intimate and relaxing holiday experiences, exploring renowned riverside cities and breathtaking landscapes.

Once on board any of our five premium ships, it won’t take you long to feel like home away-from-home! You can look forward to comfortable premium cabins, extensive sun-decks, tasty culinary delights and plenty of on-board activities and cultural excursions to exciting destinations and landmarks - everything you need for an unforgettable holiday. You choose how much you want to do, and we’ll take care of the rest...

Exclusively Chartered Ships

Our welcoming ships are the heart of our cruises and incredibly popular with our customers. Known for their unique charm, delectable cuisine, stylish decor and friendly crew members, a Shearings cruise ship is a truly special way to travel. 

Other Inviting Ships

In addition to our exclusively-chartered vessels, we've teamed up with several partner companies to offer you an even bigger range of ships, rivers and cruising itineraries. Each cruise has been expertly planned, to ensure that you'll have a wonderful time from start to finish.

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