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Breathtaking lands steeped in history and ancient tradition.

Is it your dream to see the oldest Geisha District in ‘The Land of The Rising Sun’ or take in the tunnels and temples of the ancient kingdoms of Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos? Maybe you would like to cruise the Yangtze River or Halong Bay? Are you longing to see the wonder of the Great Wall of China or marvel at the Taj Mahal at sunrise?

Come with us and soak up ancient architecture, centuries old culture & tastes of this vast and varied continent on one of our expertly guided tours of Asia. The only decision to make is which one to choose?

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Mysteries of India

From the Taj Mahal, bathed in the light on sunrise, to temples and tigers – experience the spi...

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14 days from only


£5268 Total Price

Hotel: Radisson Hotel, Varanasi

Duration: 14 Days

Wonders of China & the Yangtze River

Join our awe-inspiring journey travelling to Beijing, Xian, Chengdu and Shanghai and marvel at the a...

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18 days from only


£7118 Total Price

Hotel: Jinjiang Huating Hotel & Towers, Shanghai

Duration: 18 Days

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