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Sorrento, Rome and the Amalfi Coast


Ravello, Amalfi Coast
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    • Relax in stylish Sorrento
    • Admire the scenic Amalfi Coast
    • Discover Rome, the ‘Eternal City’
    • Visit the archaeological site of Pompeii

    Join us on this fantastic holiday and enjoy a stay in the stylish resort of Sorrento with its cafes and shops. Admire the stunning Amalfi coast, home to some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world and discover the iconic sights of the 'Eternal City' of Rome, one of the most photographed cities in the world. Read More

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    Amalfi Coast

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    Leaving the UK, we’ll journey across to France for our first overnight stay, and then continue on with an overnight stay in Switzerland, before we arrive in Italy. Our first stay in Italy is in the town of Bologna; enjoy dinner and free time this evening.

    In the morning we visit the Umbrian town of Assisi, home to the patron ‘St Francis’, before we travel on to the ‘Eternal City’ of Rome. We stay here for three nights at the four-star Hotel Cardinal. The following day we’ll enjoy a guided city tour, followed by free time to see some of the top attractions of this magnificent city.

    We’ll then travel on to the stylish resort of Sorrento. On reaching Sorrento, we’ll check in for a five-night stay at the four-star Grand Hotel Michelangelo. The hotel is perfectly located in the centre of this historical town. From our base we’ll enjoy a guided excursion to fascinating Pompeii, now one of the world’s greatest archaeological attractions. No trip to Sorrento is complete without a scenic drive along the Amalfi coast to absorb the stunning views.
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    Hotel Pinewood

    Situated in Rome just a few stop’s away from the Vatican City, the Hotel Pinewood shows itself in a panoramic position. Only 5 minutes walking distance away from the Cornelia subway station and bus terminal, the Hotel is a quiet 4 star hotel providing quality accommodation in Rome.

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  • Excursions & Extras


    Half Day: Sorrento Guided Walking Tour & Limoncello Factory

    Sorrento, with its exquisite views out over the Bay of Naples and traditional architecture that’s synonymous with this part of Italy, makes for an excellent excursion during our holiday. We’ll get to enjoy a fantastic guided walking tour of the town, so we can find out more about what this location has to offer.

    One of the many things that Sorrento is known for is limoncello, a delicious drink that can be enjoyed after a fantastic meal in the town. Limoncello is made with lemon rind, water, sugar and alcohol and is one of the most popular digestifs in Sorrento.

    While in Sorrento, we’ll be treated to a guided tour of a local limoncello factory, so we can find out more about how this tasty drink is made.

    En Route: Assisi

    Travelling onwards, we make our way via the beautiful town of Assisi, where we’ll stop for lunch and will be able to admire the local architecture.

    En Route: Milan
    We make our way via the elegant Italian city of Milan, known for its rich culture and heritage. Stopping for lunch, take in the excellent atmosphere and architecture here before we continue our journey.  
    Ravello, Amalfi Coast
    Full Day: Amalfi Coast

    Running down the southern side of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi coast is one of Europe’s most beautiful stretches of road. With its steep sloped lemon tree gardens, coloured terrace houses, stunning views and azure sea, we’ll enjoy a drive along this famous coastline in order to marvel at the incredible landscape.

    Half Day: Pompeii

    When Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, covering Pompeii in deep volcanic ash, it preserved for posterity one of the region’s most important Roman centres. Today, we see a remarkable excavation site and outdoor museum of the ancient Roman settlement, and we’ll be sure to visit this historic site during our holiday. This will provide an unprecedented opportunity to see how people lived two thousand years ago.

    Colosseum Rome Italy
    Half Day: Rome

    Known as the 'Eternal City' of the Roman Empire, Rome is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its historical centre. Rome has an immensely rich historical heritage and cosmopolitan atmosphere, making it one of the world’s most-visited capitals. 

    Packed with historical attractions, and with something for absolutely everyone, we’re guaranteed to enjoy our time in this famous city. We’ll be able to enjoy free time to explore to our heart’s content, so we can see some of the city’s best-known attractions.

    Take the time to discover St Peter’s Square, the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel or Trevi Fountain, the choice is yours.



    Assisi Guided Walking Tour

    Let us guide you through the splendours of the historical city of Assisi. Made famous by St. Francis, a Catholic saint, Assisi features stunning medieval architecture, ancient Roman ruins, a beautiful hilltop castle and scenery that’s simply out of this world.

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, everything revolves around St Francis here - and with good reason. The patron saint of Italy, St Francis’ tomb can be found in the beautiful Baroque basilica.

    On our guided tour, we’ll learn about the history and rich religious heritage of Assisi. The city’s main sights include the Roman Forum Foro Romano, the Basilica, and the Rocco Maggiore, a grand 14th-century fortress.


    Full Day: Isle of Capri

    We’ll take a trip to the evocative island of Capri during our holiday, allowing us to take in the stunning scenery here, while also learning more about its fascinating history.

    Sailing across the Bay of Naples, this day is sure to be unforgettable, as we begin our time on this famous island. Capri is an island of calcareous origin that has been visited over the centuries by intellectuals, artists and writers, all of whom have been equally enthralled by its magical beauty.

    A mix of history, nature, culture and events await, with this island being known for its excellent combination of tourist sights and relaxing getaways. There’s more than enough to do here - admire the elegant boutiques, stroll along the cobbled streets or simply relax on the beach.

    Capri may be a tiny island, but you’ll be amazed by it nonetheless!


    Half Day: Teatro Tasso

    Enjoy a true taste of the Neapolitan Riviera at the spectacular Tasso Theatre musical show. A medley of popular Neapolitan song and dance that will certainly set toes tapping!

    This colourful show will give us an evening of fantastic entertainment, with music and dance to take in. This traditional Sorrento musical makes for a superb night out, complete with local traditions, folk dancing and some of the most famous Neapolitan songs to enjoy. 

    Everyone is sure to have a great time, with traditional dress, spectacular dancing and wonderful music to make the most of - the ideal night of entertainment during our holiday!


    St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Rome
    Half Day: Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

    No visit to Rome would be complete without visiting the spectacular Vatican and Sistine Chapel. The smallest independent state in the world, the Vatican City is also one of the most important sites for the history of human civilization.

    Here, we’ll discover museums rich with fascinating history, and will be able to discover over five centuries of intriguing heritage. The museums are composed of several sections, including the Gregorian Etruscan Museum, the Pinacoteca, the Raphael Stanze and the Sistine Chapel.

    The Sistine Chapel is most famous for Michelangelo’s breath-taking artwork - The Last Judgement. Admire the incredible art and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere here!


    rose window in Orvieto
    Orvieto Guided Walking Tour

    Famed for its stunning scenery, Orvieto is a magnificent place to visit, and we’ll get the opportunity to make our way here during our holiday. We’ll get to learn more about this interesting location with a guided walking tour, allowing us to delve into Orvieto’s fascinating history while seeing the local sights.

    Orvieto is known for its amazing Gothic cathedral, which dates from the 14th-century and is incredibly intricate. As well as this, we’ll be guided along the city’s attractive cobbled streets to discover its many hidden details, from pretty architecture to bustling squares and everything in between.

What's included

  • Return travel by Grand Tourer coach
  • 14 nights half-board plus 1 lunch
  • Free Home Connect Service
  • Services  of a dedicated tour manager
  • Personal audio guide
  • Porterage
  • 6 sightseeing excursions

Hotel Pinewood

Situated in Rome just a few stop’s away from the Vatican City, the Hotel Pinewood shows itself in a panoramic position. Only 5 minutes walking distance away from the Cornelia subway station and bus terminal, the Hotel is a quiet 4 star hotel providing quality accommodation in Rome.

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Hotel Pinewood

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Situated in Rome just a few stop’s away from the Vatican City, the Hotel Pinewood shows itself in a panoramic position. Only 5 minutes walking distance away from the Cornelia subway station and bus terminal, the Hotel is a quiet 4 star hotel providing quality accommodation in Rome.

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