Lake Maggiore and the Matterhorn


Travel by Air
3 Included Excursions
  • Visit the pretty Swiss village of Zermatt
  • See the famous Matterhorn mountain
  • Discover the magnificent Borromean Islands
  • Enjoy a magical journey on the Lake Maggiore Express

For a fantastic holiday in a stunning setting in the Italian Lakes, come with us to Baveno as we enjoy this Lake Maggiore and the Matterhorn break. This holiday will give us a chance to soak up the local atmosphere, while we enjoy excursions to some of the local area’s best sights and attractions.
We’ll travel by boat to tour the Borromean Islands, which sit in the western part of Lake Maggiore.

These islands take their names from the aristocratic Borromean family, who took ownership of the land in the 16th and 17th centuries. The islands of Bella and Madre were transformed into grand, luxurious residences, while the third island was left to continue its traditional way of life, a must-see destination for every visitor to Lake Maggiore.

We’ll also enjoy an excursion to Zermatt, which lies at the foot of the Matterhorn Mountain and which is a fantastic location. With the Matterhorn towering above it, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this landscape.

After this, we’ll enjoy a scenic journey on the Lake Maggiore Express, which includes travel by rail and boat in order to see the full beauty of this part of the Italian Lakes. This trip will take us to some of the most popular towns surrounding Lake Maggiore, and we’ll get the chance to enjoy excellent views out over the lake during our journey.

Of course, we’ll have optional excursions to look forward to during our break, alongside these included ones. This means there’ll be more than enough to do on our holiday, and we’ll be able to return home feeling refreshed and revived after a fantastic stay in Baveno.

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Day One - UK to Baveno
We’ll fly from our local airport in UK, arriving in Italy and then transferring to the Hotel Simplon in Baveno, or a similar hotel. (D)

Day Two to Seven - Baveno 
We spend the next six days on the shores of magnificent Lake Maggiore, during which we will enjoy three included excursions and the opportunity to join us on three optional excursions. 

We sail over to the Borromean islands, just off the coast of Baveno, each island has its own palatial house and gardens and it is a great place to enjoy a scenic walk and simply enjoy the views of the other islands and the majestic lake.

We also take a scenic journey on the Lake Maggiore Express, which will take us to some of the lake's most popular towns and resorts by boat and rail, taking in magnificent views and wonderful photo opportunities along the way.

On our final included excursion we take a journey to Switzerland, visiting the town of Zermatt with views of the imposing and iconic Matterhorn mountain. You'll have free time in Zermatt to enjoy the views from this picturesque village, the boutique shops and the great outdoor public spaces.

We also offer additional excursions while in Baveno, these are a visit to the nearby city of Verbania and beautiful Villa Taranto, a tour of Lake Orta and an excursion to the village of Macugnaga, including views of Monte Rosa Mountain.

While in Baveno enjoy the quaint nature of the village and a number of beautiful villas with grand gardens and stunning views over the water. (B,D)

Day Eight - Baveno to UK 
This day’s travel will see us flying from Italy to the UK after our relaxing break. (B)

Zacchera Hotel

The chain of Zacchera Hotels on the shores of Lake Maggiore all offer excellent facilities and sumptuous furnishings. The Grand Hotel Dino, Hotel Simplon and Hotel Splendid are all close to the centre of Baveno and close to the lake itself. Your holiday will be staying at one of these fabulous hotels and you’ll be advised which three weeks prior to departure – whichever it is you’re sure to enjoy it!

Rooms at this hotel

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The Local Area

Included Excursions

Borromean Islands

The unique Borromean Islands, located off the coast of Stresa, are a highly popular feature of the Italian Lakes. We’ll take the time to explore the wonderful Isola Bella, with its ornate royal palace and gardens, and will also enjoy included entrance into the palace itself. 

Undoubtedly the most famous of the Borromean Islands, Count Vitaliano Borromeo began the transformation in 1662 with the construction of the palace and the ornamental gardens. 

The palace is full of ornate rooms, which are sure to remind you of a past full of grand receptions and sumptuous feasts. The most curious part of the palace is its grottoes; the walls are adorned with a mosaic of shells and pebbles and are a welcome retreat on a hot day!

We’ll also look forward to a visit to the island’s small fishing village, Isola Pescaton.


Full Day: Lake Maggiore Express

We’ll enjoy a scenic journey on the Lake Maggiore Express, which includes travel by rail and boat in order to see the full beauty of this part of the Italian Lakes. This trip will take us to some of the most popular towns surrounding Lake Maggiore, and we’ll get the chance to enjoy excellent views out over the lake during our journey.

For excellent photo opportunities and wonderful scenic views, this journey will be the ideal day out.


Full Day: Zermatt and the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is well-known throughout the world for its unique appearance, and it’s also one of the highest mountains in the Alps. This magnificent mountain looms over the village of Zermatt, creating an amazing backdrop at all times of the year.

We’ll visit Zermatt during our holiday and will be able to admire the local area to our heart’s content, as we’ll have free time in the village. We’ll be able to wander through the streets and enjoy the amazing views that are available, both of the Matterhorn and when out and about in the village.


Optional Excursions

Full Day: Discover Verbainia And Villa Taranto

Located on the shore of Lake Maggiore, the bustling city of Verbania is always exciting to visit. We’ll enjoy leisure time here and will be able to admire the wonderful views out over the lake, as well as taking a trip to the local market. This weekly market has everything from local produce to hand-made trinkets on sale, so we’ll be able to purchase souvenirs of our time here, or treat loved ones at home to something special.

After this, we'll make our way to the Gardens of Villa Taranto, which are simply marvellous. The creation of Captain Neil Mc Eacharn, who moved to Italy from Scotland in 1931, the gardens were crafted by Mc Eacharn after he fell in love with the setting of the villa. Thank to his passion for horticulture, he chose to create one of the world’s most expansive and most intriguing botanical gardens. 

Today, there are thousands of plants housed within the gardens, which surround the pretty Villa Taranto. Some of the many flowers that we’ll be able to find include dahlias, water lilies, lotus flowers, and many others, and the gardens are famous for their Davidia involucrate and Cornus Florida Rubra trees, which are some of the rarest examples in the world. 


Full Day: Macugnaga And Monte Rosa

Found in the Piedmont region, the village of Macugnaga is located on a mountainside and is famous for being at the base of the Dufourspitze Mountain. This is the second-tallest mountain in the whole of Europe, and the village’s placement affords it amazing views and an incredibly scenic location. Part of the Monte Rosa Mountain is visible from Macugnaga as well, as the Gorner Glacier towers over the village to the east.

We’ll spend a number of hours in the village, enjoying the many shops that it has to offer, as well as taking pictures of the great views that we’ll be able to experience there.


Full Day: North Lake Tour

For an excellent day out, enjoy our full day tour of the northern towns situated on the shores of captivating Lake Garda, where we’ll find superb natural beauty. There are a number of towns we’ll visit during our excursion, such as Malcesine and Riva del Garda, both of which offer up excellent things to do and fascinating histories.