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Lake Garda & Verona


Hotel Villa Mulino
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    • Discover the scenic landscape surrounding Lake Garda
    • See the sights in Venice and Verona
    • Take in the picturesque towns and villages along the lakeside

    Join us as we travel to sunny Lake Garda, where we’ll enjoy a superb holiday in Garda, the town that sits on the lakeside. We’ll be staying at the Hotel Villa Mulino throughout our holiday, and so will be situated less than a mile from the lake itself. Our location in Garda will ensure we’re never too far from the destination for our excursions, which will first take us to Lake Garda.  Read More

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    The lake is absolutely marvellous, with stunning views all around. We’ll make the most of a north Lake Garda tour as our first excursion, which will take us to some of the local towns to enjoy some leisure time. We’ll also visit the nearby cities of Venice and Verona, which are absolutely packed with historical sights. 

    Famous for being the setting of two Shakespeare plays, Verona will be our second calling point during our holiday and will offer up all kinds of activities. Meanwhile, in Venice, we’ll be able to wander along the canals and marvel at the architecture in the city’s old centre.
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    Scaliger Castle in Sirmione by Lake Garda
    Full Day: South Lake Tour
    We’ll be treated to a few hours spent touring the southern shores of Lake Garda on this excursion, which will give us time to sit back, relax and soak up the incredible views. There’s nothing quite like Lake Garda, and this tour will allow us to spend some time in the little town of Sirmione as well. 

    There, we’ll get to wander through the town centre, admiring the views and enjoying the local shops.
    Gondolas Venice Italy
    Full Day: Venice

    We’ll spend an entire day in Venice, where we’ll find the beautiful canals this city is so well-known for. The city consists of over a hundred small islands; with the canals and many bridges linking them altogether to create the amazing city we’ll visit during our excursion. We’ll be able to explore Venice at leisure, so we can choose how we spend our time there.

    From visiting the city’s many attractions to wandering along the scenic streets and by the canals to enjoy the views, there’s more than enough to do in Venice.

    Full Day: Verona

    Verona is one of Italy’s most romantic cities, thanks to the fact that Shakespeare chose this city to set his romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet. While the couple were purely fictional, there are many attractions which claim by local legend to have once set the scene for Romeo and Juliet. For example, there’s Juliet’s House, where we’ll find the balcony Romeo is said to have serenaded his love, as well as the Basilica di San Zeno where the two were supposedly married in secret. There’s also Juliet’s tomb, which is said to be located within San Francesco al Corso church.

    Aside from this, there are many other attractions to enjoy in Verona, such as the Piazza delle Erbe, which was once the site of the Roman Forum in the city, and Lamberti Tower. There’s a Roman Theatre and Archaeological Museum to enjoy as well, and the impressive Verona Cathedral.


    Verona Opera
    Evening at the Verona Opera
    Enjoy an unforgettable evening at the Verona Opera with a dazzling performance at the ancient Amphitheatre. Be astounded by the incredible performance - sure to make for a memorable experience!

    Please Note: This excursions is only available from 24th June - 28th August 2016 and 23rd June - 27th August 2017.
    Full Day: Italian Dolomites

    The Dolomites is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, with its sheer cliffs and long valleys. There are a wide variety of limestone formations in the Dolomites, making them incredibly important from a scientific standpoint as well, but the main draw for us will be the incredible views we’ll enjoy of them during our coach tour.

    We’ll get to travel through a number of quaint villages on our Italian Dolomites tour, and so will be able to enjoy the local attractions there, too.

    Half Day: Lake Iseo Island Lake Cruise

    Surrounded by amazing scenery, Lake Iseo is the fourth-largest lake in Lombardy and is a wonderful place to visit. With its magnificent views and peaceful atmosphere, we are sure to enjoy our time here.

    During our excursion, we will spend time soaking up the beautiful scenery with a tour, exploring the beautiful surroundings. Our island lake cruise will allow us to take in some of Lake Iseo’s finest sights, including its surrounding medieval towns. 

    Limone and the lake
    Limone Lake Cruise

    While we’re in Lake Garda, we'll get to take a superb Limone Lake cruise to see the beautiful landscape of the North lake. Limone is one of the most popular destinations on Lake Garda, thanks to its location on the north-western side of Lake Garda and its picturesque views.

    Lake Garda
    North Lake Garda Tour
    Enjoy a fantastic north Lake Garda tour, which will take in the beautiful scenery and will take us to the delightful towns of Malcesine and Riva del Garda. 

    In Malcesine, we’ll be able to take strolls through the pretty town centre, while Riva del Garda will give us a chance to explore some of the local history in the area.
    Sirmione peninsula
    Sirmione Lake Cruise

    Join us on a relaxing cruise along the shores of Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy.

    Sit back and enjoy a leisurely cruise around the island of Sirmione on the local tourist boat. Admire the sights of the stunning villa, which is owned by the opera singer Maria Callas. As well as this, we’ll discover the ancient Roman baths, known as the Grotee di Catullo, which are the largest Roman baths in the north of Italy, and the intriguing hot springs located 200 metres from the. We conclude our cruise at Scaliger Castle, where we disembark.

    The attractive small town of Sirmione stands at the tip of the peninsula that bears the same name, on the south shores of Lake Garda.

    Walking across the drawbridge, you will be met with spectacular views, interesting piazzas, narrow streets and a town filled with vibrant colours.

    Canale Grande, Venice
    Venice Gondola Ride
    Experience Venice from its famous canals as we take an optional gondola ride. See the beautiful architecture, while travelling along these busy waterways and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. Venice is well-known for its canals, which connect this floating city, and our optional excursion will give us a chance to admire one of Italy’s most beautiful cities from a different perspective.
    Rialto Bridge
    Venice Guided Walking Tour
    Enjoy an excellent guided walking tour of the wonderful city of Venice, which is famous for its beautiful canals and stunning architecture. This historical city is filled with interesting places to visit and things to do and we’ll spend an enjoyable time exploring the area.
    Verona ampitheatre
    Verona Guided Walking Tour

    While we’re in Verona, we’ll be able to enjoy an excellent guided walking tour of the city to find out more about its past, and to see its best sights. With an expert guide, we’ll explore more of this wonderful location and will learn all about its heritage.


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