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Brussels & the Battle of Waterloo


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    • Benefit from the services of a knowledgeable Battlefields guide
    • Commemorate the 200th anniversary year of the Battle of Waterloo
    • Explore the Wellington Museum, Lion’s Mound and Napoleon’s last headquarters
    • Visit Brussels and Ghent

    The Battle of Waterloo is without a doubt one of the most important parts of Europe’s history, as it marked the end of the French Revolution for good. Following Napoleon’s defeat at the hands of Wellington’s army, the French monarchy was restored, and allowed the British Empire to rise. For those fascinated in this part of history, as well as the setting in which it took place, this coach tour of Brussels is absolutely ideal.  Read More

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    We’ll explore some of the most famous locations relating to the Battle of Waterloo and Napoleon’s rule, while being based in Waterloo. Our Waterloo Battlefields tour will take in sites such as the Wellington Museum, Lions Mound and Napoleon’s headquarters, and our Battlefields guide will be able to tell us all about Napoleon’s life. 

    We’ll also have time to explore Brussels, in order to experience this amazing city for ourselves. No matter how we choose to spend our time here, we’re guaranteed to have a great time. There will be an excursion to Ghent too, where we’ll find pretty architecture and lots to do.
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    Sign at Checkpoint Charlie

    Accompanied by our expert guide, we’ll visit the key sites of the Waterloo Battlefields area including the Wellington Museum, Lion’s Mound and Napoleon’s final general headquarters. These sites are some of the most important in Brussels in relation to the Battle of Waterloo, and will help us to learn more about the history of the battle, as well as learning more about Napoleon himself.

    At the Wellington Museum, we’ll find authentic memorabilia in the museum’s 14 rooms, which will depict the events of the Battle of Waterloo for us. Meanwhile, at the Lions Mound, we’ll see the artificial hill that King William I of The Netherlands had constructed for his son, William II of the Netherlands, after he was killed in the Battle of Waterloo.

    After this, we’ll move on to see Napoleon’s final general headquarters. This former farm is the location in which Napoleon spent the night before the Battle of Waterloo, constructing battle plans and strategies.


    Ghent is a charming city which is often referred to as the historic heart of Flanders. During our time there, we’ll get to explore the narrow alleys the city is known for, as well as visiting some of the best known attractions in our own time.

    These include some of Ghent’s famous museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the City Museum for Contemporary Art, and the new Ghent City Museum. We’ll also have plenty of time to enjoy the medieval architecture in the city, and to relax at one of the many pavement cafes in the area.

    Full Day: Brussels

    Explore Belgium’s beautiful capital city Brussels, where one of the must-see sights is the stunning Grand Place, considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. This central square in Brussels is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is absolutely stunning - the architecture is some of the best in the whole of the city.

    There are a number of notable buildings surrounding the Grand Place, including the Town Hall, Guildhalls and the Museum of the City of Brussels. Of course, there are many other worthy attractions in Brussels, including the Cinquantenaire triumphal arch, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Palace of Justice. We’ll get to see some of these attractions while touring the city at leisure.



    While we’re enjoying our day in Brussels, we’ll get the opportunity to take a guided city tour of the city centre. This will allow us to see even more of the famous sights in the city, and to find out more about some of the city’s interesting history.

    Half Day: Antwerp
    Belgium is absolutely packed with interesting attractions, and Antwerp is one of the country’s best cities for sightseeing. Antwerp Zoo, the Palace on the Meir, the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and many more attractions await, a few of which we’ll be able to tour during our free time in the city. 

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  • Coach travel
  • Four nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast, four evening meals
  • Porterage
  • Three included excursions
  • Two optional excursions

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