Bergerac, Bordeaux and River Dordogne


Travel by Coach
5 Included Excursions
  • Admire the scenic Dordogne Valley
  • Stroll around Sarlat with charming honey-coloured buildings
  • Explore the peaceful town of Brantome
  • Visit historical Bordeaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Dordogne River, which stretches from the mountains of Auvergne all the way to Garonne for 483km, and is surrounded by forests of dark green, bustling villages and towns, and many attractions and enjoyable sights. During our stay in Bergerac, we’ll get to explore this landscape to our heart’s content, thanks to the many excursions that are planned for us.

We’ll be based at the Hotel de Bordeaux, which will serve as an excellent starting point each day. On our first excursion, we’ll travel along the Dordogne to Sarlat, where we can enjoy a great day out before returning along the same route in order to enjoy those great views again. This will be followed up by an included trip to Brantome, where we can make the most of the mesmerising scenery.

Next, we’ll travel to nearby Bordeaux to enjoy a spot of wine tasting, as well as touring the city to delve into its excellent culture. With free time to explore the town of Bergerac as well, this holiday is certain to be an exciting trip to France.

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Day One - UK to Paris Area
On the first day of our break, we’ll make our way from our local joining points in the UK to the Paris area, where we’ll stop at an overnight hotel in the Paris area.

Day Two - Paris Area to Bergerac
In the morning, we’ll continue on our way to Bergerac, travelling down through the French countryside before arriving at the Hotel de Bordeaux and settling into our accommodation for the night.

Day Three to Seven – Bergerac, Bordeaux and Dordogne
For the next five days, you will have some free time to relax in your host town of Bergerac as well as experiencing some of the best sights the region has to offer. We begin with a scenic drive through the Dordogne Valley to the beautiful town of Sarlat. Experience the beautiful town of Bordeaux with its stunning architecture and visit Brantome, a peaceful town nestled on an island in the River Dronne. Whilst in Bergerac, we have included a relaxing boat cruise to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Day Eight - Bergerac to Paris Area
We’ll make our way to the Paris area on day eight as we say goodbye to Bergerac and begin our journey home. We will make an en-route visit to Perigueux before arriving at our overnight hotel in the Paris area.

Day Nine - Paris Area to UK
We retrace our steps back to Calais for our return crossing and continue our journey home.

Hotel de Bordeaux

The Hotel de Bordeaux is close to the historical centre of Bergerac. A warm welcome awaits and the hotel bedrooms are comfortable and will ensure a pleasant stay. Relax in the cool of the shady garden or enjoy a dip in the outdoor pool.

Rooms at this hotel

Hotel Gallery

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The Local Area

Included Excursions

En Route: Perigueux

While travelling back to Paris on our way home, we’ll drive via the market town of Perigueux and will stop for a short visit. This town is home to a wonderful Cathedral of St Front, which dates from the mid-1600s and which has a similar style to St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, having been modelled after it. We’ll be able to spend some time exploring Perigueux during our stay, and can enjoy a spot of shopping and sight-seeing.


Bergerac Boat Trip

Enjoy a relaxing boat trip to Bergerac, with the opportunity to admire this beautiful part of the Dordogne department's stunning scenery. Find out more about this famous destination, as well as learning more about Bergerac's fascinating history during our excursion. 


Full Day: Bordeaux

We explore Bordeaux, the port city set on the River Geronne, with its exceptional architecture. This city is famous for its winemaking, and while we’re there we’ll get learn more about how this has evolved over time.

The city of Bordeaux itself is filled with excellent attractions and surroundings, including Porte Cailhau, the Column of the Girondins, the church of St Pierre, the Church of the Holy Cross, and Place de la Bourse, as well as much more. We’ll be able to visit some of these sights for ourselves while at leisure in the city.


Full Day: Scenic Dordogne Valley

A scenic drive along the meandering River Dordogne takes us to Sarlat, with its charming winding streets and pretty honey-coloured buildings. As we travel along the Dordogne, we’ll take in the stunning views and will enjoy the lovely vistas over the river and the surrounding countryside, which is filled with lush green forests and fields.

Once in Sarlat, we’ll be able to enjoy all this quaint town has to offer, including its medieval architecture and the Sarlat Cathedral, parts of which dates from the 9th century. We’ll be able to explore the town and can go shopping to buy souvenirs of our visit.


Half Day: Brantome

This peaceful town is set on an island in the River Dronne, with pretty riverside gardens and attractive architecture. The island town is known for its lovely position and delightful surroundings, and when we visit we’ll get to spend time wandering through the streets and admiring the landscape.


Optional Excursions

Cite du Vin Wine Museum and Wine Tasting

Enjoy a unique experience at the Cite du Vin wine museum in Bordeaux. This excellent museum boasts an unusual architectural design, and, inside, we'll find a fascinating exhibition taking us through the history of wine. Learn about its heritage, along with its cultural importance. Afterwards, join us for a fantastic wine tasting. 


Full Day: Bastide Villages

The fortified new towns and villages that were created under Raymond VII of Toulouse’s rule in order to replace those that had been destroyed in Albigensian Crusade are excellent examples of architecture from this time. We’ll visit some of these striking villages during this optional excursion.


Half Day: Brantome Chateau and wine tasting

A wide number of chateaus are located in and around Brantome, all featuring stunning French architecture that is iconic in this part of the country. During this excellent excursion, we’ll visit one of these chateaus and will also get to enjoy a wine-tasting experience.