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River Cruises

Join us on some of Europe's most famous rivers

River Cruises

Cruise with us along some of Europe’s most famous rivers and waterways, on board our choice of exclusive vessels

Discover the Rhine, Danube, Moselle, and more, and admire Europe’s spectacular scenery. Call at charming riverside towns, visit cities famous for their history and culture, and relax while enjoying our carefully-created itineraries. Admire Keukenhof Gardens’ beautiful floral displays, see the spectacular Rhine in Flames, or travel all the way along the Danube to the Black Sea - the choice is yours. You’ll take in magnificent sights with our selection of included shore excursions, exploring marvellous destinations throughout your river cruise. Plus, you can get even more from your holiday with our great value, pre-bookable optional shore excursions. Whether you’re holidaying with friends, with family, or by yourself, there’s so much to see and take in with our memorable river cruise experiences.

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