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    The Land of the Free - USA is a dream destination for many. This magnificent country has a vivid history, and one that’s relatively recent compared to many other countries. However, it’s no less incredible to visit, and in fact is home to some of the world’s most amazing destinations. 

    New York, New York; Maine, New England; Jackson, New Orleans, Louisiana; Memphis, Tennessee - the list goes on and on! There’s no shortage of incredible places to visit with holidays to America.


    Mount Rushmore

    About the USA

    Whether you’re a first-timer or a repeat visitor, the USA never fails to astound. Nothing is done by halves here - expect excess. You can also expect culture, fantastic historical attractions - including some of the most highly-regarded museums in the world - and a warm welcome. 

    Of course, we also have to mention America’s excellent cuisine - you’re guaranteed to enjoy some excellent meals here! The USA isn’t all just bright lights and big cities though - it’s also famous for its wonderful scenery. 

    Attractions in the USA

    The USA is filled with incredible attractions, but perhaps one of its most well-known is its national parks. Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Zion Canyon and many, many others all make phenomenal places to visit. 

    For an all-American holiday, visit New York, with its busy atmosphere, fantastic atmosphere, excellent shopping opportunities and wonderful architecture. No matter where you head to in America, you’re guaranteed a great holiday, filled with fabulous experiences that will create brilliant memories you’ll remember forever. 
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    America’s Music Cities

    From the mellow sounds of Blues legend BB King to the Rock ‘n’ Roll rhythms of Elvis, music as we ...

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    8 days from only


    £3618 Total Price


    Hotel: Sheraton Memphis Downtown

    Board Basis: Various

    Duration: 8 Days

    Complete South America

    From the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, the natural beauty of the Chilean Fjords and Iguazu Falls ...

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    23 days from only


    £11998 Total Price


    Hotel: El Pardo DoubleTree by Hilton, Lima

    Board Basis: Various

    Duration: 23 Days

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