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    This magnificent region in Northern Europe is famous for many things, but perhaps is best known for being the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. For a few months each year, the sun shines on Scandinavia 24-hours a day, depending on the exact location, before plunging the region into polar night. This fascinating phenomenon brings countless visitors on Scandinavia tours each year, but this isn’t the only reason you should visit. Scandinavia is also home to chic cities, dramatic scenery and excellent cuisine.    

    Hardanger Fjord

    About Scandinavia

    Scandinavia is for you if you’re after a holiday that’s filled with brand new experiences, but where you’ll be welcomed with open arms thanks to friendly cultures. With its modern architecture, coupled with the many historical masterpieces you’ll discover, as well as the opportunity to see the stunning Northern Lights for yourself in many locations, now is the time to visit Scandinavia. Whether you choose to visit Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Iceland, this part of the world is sure to astound. 

    Attractions in Scandinavia

    Shrouded in mythology and local lore, Scandinavia is perfect for history buffs. Uncover Viking life, learn more about Old Norse mythology and learn all about how Scandinavia has evolved throughout the centuries to become the superb region it is today. Enjoy holidays in Norway to experience the fjords first-hand, take holidays in Sweden to enjoy the bustling metropolis that is Stockholm, immerse yourself in Denmark’s vibrant culture in Copenhagen, or take a tour of Scandinavia to ensure you don’t miss a thing!
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