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    Poland’s unique scenery, vibrant culture and moving history makes this country a must-visit, with so much to see and do during Poland holidays. This country is surprisingly chic, with excellent urban areas and relaxing countryside populated with woods, rivers, lakes and hills. There’s something for everyone here, so finding things to do in Poland is never a problem - the question is what would you like to do first? From exploring its bustling cities to remembering Poland’s tragic history throughout World War II, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Poland’s excellent atmosphere. 

    City square in Krakow

    About Poland

    If you were to trace Poland’s roots back to its beginnings, you’d easily travel through thousands of years of intriguing history. This is what makes this country so fascinating - its majestic royal family, enchanting castles and palaces, picturesque natural landscape, welcoming culture and dynamic towns and cities. Discover the elegant architecture in Poland’s former royal capital - Krakow, explore the winter capital, Zakopane, take a tour of the country’s scenic side, and delve into Poland’s extensive past. 

    Attractions in Poland

    This country is packed with exciting things to do, so no matter what kind of holiday you’re after, you’ll be able to find something to suit your interests when you visit Poland. You’ll find excellent history, which you can learn more about by visiting its many ancient attractions, such as Cloth Hall in Krakow, the stunning Malbork Castle in northern Poland and majestic Wawel Castle. And, of course, Poland’s terrible history during World War II can be uncovered with the moving visit to the Auschwitz concentration.
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