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    Go off the beaten track and head for Southern Italy to discover this country as it should be enjoyed - authentic, traditional and scenic. There’s a lot to do here as well, so no holidays in Southern Italy will be misspent, especially with the wealth of beautiful landscapes, sumptuous cuisine and historical attractions to take in. 

    There are lots of options when it comes to tours of Southern Italy - take in Sicily’s wonderful views, step back in time in Campania, famous for Pompeii, Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, or immerse yourself in the delicious food to be found in Puglia. 


    Amalfi Coast

    Southern Italy is often thought of as the lesser-travelled half of this country. Northern Italy is known for its big cities, including capital Rome, whereas Southern Italy has a slower pace of life, and a more rural feel in many of its areas. This, however, means that you can enjoy a more traditional taste of Italy. 

    This part of Italy has just as vivid a history though, dating back to Ancient Greek times and with much in the way of historical intrigue. You’ll find ancient structures and monuments in Sicily, amazing historical architecture in Naples and a completely different side to Italian culture throughout the region. 

    Naples is famous for being Italy’s third largest city and is filled with wonderful things to do. When traveling to Italy, it would definitely be a mistake to miss the Amalfi Coast, with the iconic Amalfi Drive. Meanwhile, Pompeii amazingly preserved Roman ruins are always a must-see and Sicily’s iconic Greek ruins are just as mesmerising - as are those found in nearby Herculaneum. 

    In Puglia, you’ll discover Southern Italy’s amazing cuisine, which includes everything from pasta to roasted lamb to freshly-caught fish and everything in-between. There are countless olive groves and vineyards here, too, so expect to return home feeling well fed!
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