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    Pristine coastlines, ancient ruins and relics, incredible cuisine and passionate locals - just some of the things you can expect to experience during one of our holidays to Greece. Synonymous with Ancient Greece, today’s Greece is a mixture of fascinating attractions, mouth-watering menus and aquamarine coastlines, all enjoyed through relaxing excursions. 

    Whether you’re interested in a gourmet experience, a holiday to discover Ancient Greece’s Gods and Goddesses, or a tour of the mesmerising Greek islands, Shearings has the ideal option for you. 


    Acropolis Athens Greece

    About Greece

    The Greeks are known for their hospitality, meaning you’re sure to receive a warm welcome when visiting. There’s something for absolutely everyone here, all enjoyed in beautiful weather and while surrounded by amazing landscapes. 

    You’ll always be able to find tempting things to do in Greece - be it learning more about Greece’s fascinating history, uncovering the delights of modern Greece’s shopping opportunities, or tucking into delicious local delicacies - including everything from seafood to veggie delights. 

    Attractions in Greece

    The Greek islands are hugely popular, and with good reason - you can enjoy your own slice of paradise while relaxing on Patmos, Crete, Santorini or Mykonos. Uncover ancient history in Capital Athens, famous for the Erechtheum, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Temple of Hephaestus and many other attractions. 

    Sample authentic Greek cuisine such as tzatziki, moussaka, or meze, or let your imagination go wild when touring Greece’s incredible coastline. But more of all - make amazing memories. 
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