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    The Dordogne region of France is famous for its historical connections - this is one of France’s oldest regions and, as such, you’ll find medieval towns, incredible castles and chateaus, and some of the best rural landscapes in the whole country.

    From its picturesque towns to the incredible Dordogne River, everything about this part of France is astounding. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy Dordogne holidays, as there’s nothing quite like a rejuvenating break in this elegant French region. 


    Dordogne is named, of course, after the famous Dordogne River, which stretches from the mountains of Auvergne all the way to Garonne for 483km. This astounding river is surrounded by forests of dark green, bustling villages and towns, and many attractions and enjoyable sights that you’ll get to explore during your holiday here.

    One of the Dordogne’s most famous places to visit is Perigueux, the department’s capital, where you’ll discover a wonderful mixture of Roman, Renaissance and Gothic architecture

     As one of France’s most historical regions, as well as boasting extraordinary scenery and an assortment of wonderful things to do in Dordogne, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to this part of France each year.

    Admire the picturesque towns and villages set close to the famous river’s banks, or why not travel alongside this very river to explore the Dordogne valley? Dordogne is also known for its many castles, which make for an amazing day out. 

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