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    A pleasant country with a multitude of hidden treasures, this Western European country with its cultural diversity and brilliant heritage, is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. It is filled with splendid scenery, imaginative museums, boasting towns and cities with incredible architecture carved in every corner of its many cosmopolitan cities.  Belgium astonishes art history, its 60-plus Unesco sites, wonderful carnivals, and not to mention its exquisite chocolate and wide selection of beers, makes it one of the most-definite countries to visit. 


    Belgium is a founding member of the European Union and hosts the EU's headquarters. It is a country of two district halves, each interspersed with numerous blossoming attractions. Dutch-speaking Flanders is well-known for its fascinating historic cities and rich heritage, while French-speaking Wallonia, boasts rural caves, castles, bucolic valleys and outdoor activates. Our holidays to Belgium will take you to some of the country’s best locations and attractions. From cosmopolitan capital Brussels, to the impressive number of UNESCO heritage sites, there’s so much to explore. 

    Capital Brussels is not surprisingly one of Belgium’s’ most remarkable landmarks. However, there’s also the delightful city of Bruges. Known as the ‘Venice of the North’, this perfectly preserved medieval city ideal for a short-break with its cobbled streets lined with gabled houses, enchanting tree-lined canals and splendid architecture.  Other attractions include Ypres, best known as the site of dramatic World War I battles, the coastal city of Veurne, famous for its preserved town squares, or explore the charming town of Ghent, the historic heart of Flanders. 

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