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Welcome to this section of our website which has been created for the enjoyment of Shearings coach enthusiasts and spotters. Here you can access information about the Shearings Holidays fleet of coaches, as well as those of the other brands in the Shearings Group - National Holidays and Caledonian Travel.

We're continuing to work on the information here, adding new facts, stats and photos for you. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see here, or any photos that we can use, please get in touch via 
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The History of Shearings

Shearings is a company with a very rich history. Our roots can be traced back to 1903, when William Webster commenced business in Wigan as a haulage and removals contractor and passenger carrier. Since then, the company has been amalgamated several times, resulting in a whole variety of names including Webster's Tours, Smith's Tours, Smiths Happiway-Spencers, Smiths Happiways, Smiths Shearings, Shearings-Pleasureways-Ribblesdale, WA Shearings and Shearings Holidays.

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The History of Shearings

Coach Photos

There are thousands of pictures of Shearings coaches online, from promotional shots to photos taken by passengers and coach enthusiasts.

To browse some of these photos, we recommend that you join our communities on Flickr and Facebook. If you've taken any photos that you're particularly proud of, we'd love it if you'd share these with us.

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Coach Interior

Shearings Merchandise

Whether you're a collector of coach memorabilia or a fan of Shearings Holidays, have a look at our exclusive range of Shearings branded merchandise. You'll find collectors' items including some interesting limited edition pieces like Shearings history books.

Want a freebie? We regularly give away Shearings goodies to fans on our Facebook page.

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Our Online Community

Here at Shearings, we have active communities on on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Google+.

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