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WWI Battlefield Tours - Battle of the Somme

Gain knowledgeable insight from specialist guides

The Battle of the Somme during The Great War lasted almost 5 months with over a million people being killed or wounded. July 1st 1916 was the worst day in British Military history, with almost 20,000 men killed in just two hours.

Join us at the Battlefields of the Somme and you will be accompanied by an expert guide, you can visit preserved battlefields, trenches, war memorials, museums and other sites connected with The Great War. Pay your respects to those who lost their lives and learn about fascinating military history.

The Battlefield Tours below all include luxury coach travel, accommodation in France or Belgium, meals and visits to the Somme area accompanied by a specialist guide. Choose your Somme Tour now, or have a look at the full range of WWI Battlefield Tours.

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Battlefields of the Somme

Travel by Coach

Benefit from the services of a knowledgeable Battlefields Guide Gain insight into key events of the Battle of the Somme Visit the Somme 1916 Museum, ......

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Hotel: Grand Hotel - Valenciennes

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