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How our interchanges work

On our coach holidays, we offer free coach pick-ups from over 600 convenient joining points nationwide. 

If your holiday is travelling via an interchange, at your joining point you will join a "feeder" coach. These coaches travel to a small number of joining points near to you (usually no more than six) before heading to one of our interchanges or a motorway service station. Here you'll find a place to sit, relax and enjoy light refreshments before joining your holiday coach. 

This type of network is often referred to as a "hub and spoke" system, with the interchanges or service stations acting as "hubs" and the joining points feeding into them the "spokes".

Why we use them

With many operators, and indeed on some Shearings holidays, you can join your holiday coach at your joining point rather than travelling via an interchange. This is often referred to as "line of route" travel. 

Line of route works particularly well for smaller local operators who pick up at fewer joining points. At Shearings, we use line of route networks for holidays whose availability is restricted to a smaller pick-up area. For example, we offer Weekend Breaks from a selected number of South East departure points using such line of route network, calling at a maximum of nine pick-ups. 

However, if we are to continue to offer you our huge range of holidays, departure dates and pick up points, it would be impractical to operate entirely on a line of route basis. We’d have to severely reduce the number of joining points offered, and each joining point would only be available from a limited number of departure dates – meaning much less choice for you. 

What's more, due to the wide number of joining points we offer, it's entirely possible that one of our holidays coaches may be carrying customers travelling from a total 20 different pick-ups. Using our interchange network, each customer will travel to the interchange on a feeder coach. These coaches tend to call at up to six joining points – often fewer – before heading to the interchange. 

On a line of route system, the holiday coach would have to drive to all 20 different pick-up points before you even begin to head towards your hotel. If you join at the first of the 20 points, it would take considerably longer to get to your hotel than it would if you'd travelled on a feeder coach to an interchange. 

In summary, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, but in order to continue to offer you the widest possible choice of holidays, it's essential to operate our hub and spoke network for the majority of our holiday programme.


Our complete luggage handling service is included free of charge. We'll load your cases onto your feeder coach, and you won't see them again until we bring them up to your hotel room for you – everything's taken care of.

Joining directly at the interchange without a joining point

Choose the Direct Connect service and you can board your holiday coach direct at Stretton, Normanton, Corley Services, London Gateway (British holidays) or Stop24 (European holidays). If you choose to drive to your interchange you can take advantage of great value, secure car parking from just £4 per day.


Stretton Interchange

Based in Warrington, within close proximity to the motorway network, this exclusive to Shearings interchange has great on-site facilities and car-parking


Normanton Interchange

Based at junction 31 on the M62, this modern, purpose built interchange is exclusive to Shearings with seating, toilet facilities and a shop selling drinks and snacks.


Corley Services

Based on the M6 with enhanced passenger facilities, this welcome break stations includes a variety of food outlets, a comfortable waiting area and car parking.


London Gateway Services

Located on the M1, it includes a designated Shearings Lounge with superb facilities, food and drink outlets, car parking and free Wi-Fi.


Stop 24 Services

Based in Kent, with excellent on-site facilities, a refreshment area and free Wi-Fi. The interchange is close to the Channel Tunnel and Ports of Dover and Folkestone.


Gretna Green Interchange

Based in Gretna Green, it includes various retail outlets and catering facilities and a restaurant in the historic building of the ancient Blacksmiths Shop.

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