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Joining your
Everything about your coach holiday should be effortless and relaxing.  That's why we let you decide where and when you want it to start.  Our joining options give you the flexibility to choose the most convenient way to join your tour.


We have hundreds of pick-up points in cities, towns and villages across the UK. When we pick you up, we'll usually take you to one of our interchanges where you will change coaches to continue the journey to your holiday destination.

You can see the local joining points in your area, as well as a list of holidays that operate from your chosen joining point. When you book your holiday you'll be given an approximate joining time, that will be confirmed on your travel documents



If you prefer, you can meet us at one of our coach interchanges at Stretton, Normanton, London Gateway, Corley Services or Hythe. If you live near an interchange, this could reduce your journey time. Our coach interchanges offer plenty of seating, toilet facilities, refreshments and a shop. They also provide car parking for your convenience for a small fee. See interchange addresses and car parking for more information.


For the best views, you can book our vantage coach seats, located right at the front of the coach.  Remember to book early as these seats sell fast and are subject to availability. Click to book vantage seats.

Holidays up to 7 days duration £10 per person

Holidays up to 8 days or more £15 per person


Shearings is delighted to offer 'Home Connect' on British and European holidays. Our service will collect you from your home and take you to a convenient location to meet the coach, returning you after your holiday.

With over 1800 postcode districts available for European Grand Tours and 1300 available for AROSA Cruises, in addition to our extensive British offering, our reach has never been greater.

For British Grand Tours our Home Connect service is free, and for European Grand Tours and AROSA Cruises on journeys within 25 miles. If you are taking an air or rail AROSA option Shearings can also offer a FREE Home Connect Service within a 25 mile radius of your airport or local station. If you live outside of this radius Shearings can still provide a service but with a charge.

Note: Home connect is only available for selected postcodes.

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