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Holidays to Lake Como

Stunning scenery & landscapes

Holidays to Lake Como

If you're looking for stunning scenery, relaxation, delicious Italian cuisine and lots to see and do, then look no further than Lake Como. Situated in the Italian Lake District in Northern Italy, not far from from Milan, Lake Como is a very popular destination. Ever since Roman times, people have flocked here to experience its stunning natural beauty. These days, Lake Como is the second home of countless celebrities. Proof that this destination is something very special indeed.

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Customer Recommended Hotel in Lake Como


The Grand Hotel Britannia Excelsior rests on the banks of Lake Como, facing the peninsula of Bellagio and offers remarkable sweeping views across the central part of the lake. With its elegant atmosphere and delicious food, this hotel is a firm favourite with Shearings customers. With its own sandy beach, swimming pool and water taxi, and the ferry dock just 50m away, this is the perfect base for both relaxing and exploring Lake Como.

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Lake Como Weather

Lake Como is known for its mild weather. Summers rarely get scorchingly hot and the winters never get bitterly cold. The lake and surrounding mountains act as insulation and store heat, making the area slightly warmer than elsewhere in Italy. The Mediterranean climate makes for long summers and short winters.

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