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Scottish Borders

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  • Overview

    The Scottish Borders are famous for their remarkable history, hilly and beautiful rural landscapes, and Berwickshire coastline where wild upland hills give way to green and pleasant valleys on a journey to the sea.

    You can uncover charming coastal towns and quaint countryside villages, experience stimulating events and festivals, an abundance of fine restaurants, cafés and bars and look out for the local wildlife as you go.

    Melrose Abbey

    About Scottish Borders

    When you visit the Scottish Borders, you will experience Scotland at its traditional best. In-addition to its rich history, the region is renowned for its sweeping valleys, emerald forests and heather-clad moorlands, making it one of the most tranquil destinations for a visit.  It also boats a picturesque Berwickshire coastline in the east. 

    You can discover the tranquillity of the magnificent Scottish Boarders and soak the areas enchanting history that features glorious castles and outstanding battles, with one of our fantastic tours to the area. 

    Scottish Borders Attractions

    There are plenty of outstanding things to see and do in the Scottish Borders. You can explore the area’s beautiful countryside, which features a flourishing wildlife. The area also offers outstanding facilities for cycling, hill walking, driving and bird watching. Visitors can also learn about the areas’ rich history and significant past, which is embedded in the regions calm landscapes, on a tour of its ancient ruins and grand estates.  

    There’s also a host of wonderful coastal towns available to discover, or if you’re interested in literature, some of the UK’s literacy greats were inspired by the Scottish Boarder charm. 
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