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  • Overview

    Austria is a country of contrasts - in one hand, stunning natural Alpine landscapes, and in the other, elegant cities that combine history with modern culture. This country is one to behold, as it offers up something for every type of traveller. 

    Cities such as Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna, the capital, enjoy amazing architecture and cultural attractions, while the numerous Alpine towns and villages to be discovered during our holidays to Austria, such as St Wolfgang, Hallstatt, Durnstein and Gmunden, showcase the country’s mind-blowing scenery. 


    Austria scenery

    About Austria

    With our Austrian holidays, you’ll be able to explore this fantastic country to see its best sights, which include winter wonderland-worthy scenery, rolling hills of lush green grass, bustling cities with beautiful baroque architecture and, always, a friendly welcome. 

    Austria is famous for its connections with the timeless classic that is ‘The Sound of Music’, as well as for being the birthplace of Mozart, who was born in elegant Salzburg. 

    Attractions in Austria

    Austria is filled with scenic delights, as even its cities are stunning to look at. This is a country that doesn’t do anything by halves, and so our holidays to Austria are always filled with exciting things to do. 

    From visiting the busy cities of Salzburg and Innsbruck, to taking in the cultural attractions in capital Vienna, as well as enjoying the Alpine scenery to be found in the Tyrol, Austria will always please. 
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