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    Posted: 17 Mar, 2017

    St Patrick's Day festival

    Celebrate St Patrick’s Day at a number of great destinations. What better way to celebrate than in Ireland itself. You can’t go wrong celebrating St Patrick’s Day as there are great excursions to choose from to celebrate this exciting day. But there’s so much to do all the year round and there’s a number of amazing activities you don’t want to miss out:

    You could try one of these superb experiences:

    A trip to Ireland would not be complete without a taste of traditional Irish whiskey. The West County Hotel in Dublin offers a great whiskey themed entertainment programme at their hotel which includes complimentary hot whiskey and Irish coffee.

    Boru’s Bar in Ireland, Cashel, are known for their live music entertainment and there is not a better day to go than St Patrick’s Day where there will be a great atmosphere of traditional Irish music and dancing. 

    St Patricks Festival is held once a year in Dublin celebrating Irish Heritage and the achievements of local residents within the country which will bring a warm and exciting atmosphere for travellers on St Patrick’s Day. During the festival, you will get to enjoy live music and very creative street theatre which will give travellers a full insight on Irish culture which you do not want to miss!

    St Patrick's Day celebtrations


    There are many ways people in Ireland and around the world like to get involved with St Patrick’s Day which you can get involved in whether you are celebrating at home or on holiday. These can be dressing up in an item of clothing that is green, having a pint or two of Guinness or having a get together with some tasty traditional Irish food such as Sheppard’s Pie! Which way will you choose?

    So St Patrick’s Day is definitely a celebration you do not want to miss out on but Ireland is place to have to visit all year round.

    Olivia Taylor
    St Patrick’s Day 2017


    Posted: 14 Mar, 2017

    Buckingham palace with soldiers

    London is one of the most popular cities in the world holding some of the most well known attractions. The city generates over 20 million tourists a year where they visit attractions such as The British Museum and Buckingham Palace. Are you planning a trip to London or have never been and wondering what to do there? Well this is the place for you!

    1. Buckingham Palace

      Buckingham Palace is a great attraction for you to visit when you are in London as you get an insight of royalty life and a visit of certain rooms within the palace itself such as the Throne Room, Music Room and The Picture Gallery. To get an even bigger insight, Buckingham Palace offer tours on their very own Palace Gardens which have more than 350 different wildflowers. This would be great for days when the sun is out and you can enjoy a snack in the local Garden Cafe!

    2. British Afternoon Tea

      There is no better place to have British afternoon tea than London itself. A great place to have afternoon tea in London is at a venue called Fortnum & Mason which is one the most popular afternoon tea establishments in London. Enjoy some freshly baked pastries, jam and cream filled scones, a slice of cake with a variety of 82 different types of teas.

    3. London Eye

      The London Eye is one of the most iconic attractions in London; therefore a trip to the city is not complete without a visit to the London Eye. Share a carriage with many other travellers or ride in style in a private pod with yourself and a person of your choice and experience unforgettable views of the city!

    4. River Thames Cruise

      The River Thames is a relaxing and unique way to see the city of London whether it being in the day or night. The cruise gives you the chance to see key locations and attractions within London such as the Tower Bridge and The Houses of Parliament. The cruises are great at night as you see the city lit up and also some cruises offer an afternoon meal which enhances a lovely experience on the Thames.

    5. Oxford Street

      Oxford Street is Europe’s busiest shopping street. Fill your boots with over 300 shops including designer and high street stores and treat yourself to some great gifts. Oxford Street also creates great atmospheres for shoppers as there is always something going on such as people singing or lively decorations, especially when Christmas kicks in!

    6. London Galleries and Museums

      London is home to many galleries and museums such as The Imperial War Museum and The British Museum. It is great for travellers who are interested in art and history but also for travellers who are looking to do something a bit different such as The National Gallery where there is something for everyone.

    7. Harrods

      Harrods is the most popular department store in London selling a variety of high end products from clothes too food. There are only two Harrods that have been created so when you visit London, it is definitely a must on your to do list as you can get great souvenirs and gifts for yourself or friends and family back home!

    8. Borough Market

      Borough Market has great history as it has been going for 1000 years selling British foods with a variety of different smells and colours. Visiting Borough Market gives you the chance to try traditional foods which you may have never tried before making it an unforgettable experience. It also gets you out of the main city for a while meaning that you can experience the city but also the quieter areas too!

    9. Sky Garden

      Sky Garden gives you the best view you can get of the capital while dining in very elegant restaurants. It gives you the chance to experience London from a completely different view point with 360 degree views while being within landscape public gardens bringing a new adventure to everyone!

    10. The England Lawn Tennis Club

      Is there anything better than nice weather and watching some sports? The England Lawn Tennis Club can offer you this with great services such as Wimbledon which is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. While watching tennis, you can have delicious snacks such as fresh strawberries and cream, salads and sandwiches.

    So, if you have ever fancied going to London for a short break but struggled on thinking what to do there, these activities are a great place to start. If you would like to view our great range of holidays to London, click here.

    Olivia Taylor
    London Guide


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